Michael Jones + Vine

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Thank you for joining me in the stream last night if you did! :) I really like this one! I will draw Sun next and maybe the rest of his team whenever they show up 

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After watched both the Play Pals and the Kdin stream of Five Nights at Freddy’s , I have decided that this is how shit went down

HAHAHAH I don’t Normally reblog this kinda stuff but I just Love this idea, Terrific! 


Michael and Gavin play Five Nights at Freddy’s (x)

I woke up at 3am. 3 fucking am. kill me.


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Fuck, I’m not good with this shit, but any penny counts and if you can’t you can’t and I understand. However, if you do or know someone who would donate then I would be deeply grateful and buy them souvenirs (like leave a address in the donation and I will seriously make it a goal to mail you something cool). 

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make me choose → anonymous asked team nice dynamite or r&r connection[ask here]

its ussss

its ussss

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Random GTA Photos

For Brevin’s birthday

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